Murphy Beds/Wall Beds League City

Whether you’re trying to make the most of your space in a studio apartment, or your six bedroom townhouse, League City wall beds make a lot of sense. League City wall beds from California Closets are exceedingly comfortable and highly durable home fixtures which allow for the use of space that would otherwise be yielded to a standard bed. Unlike wall beds of the past, our League City wall beds aren’t creaky or rickety and there is no loss of comfort or luxury.

Sensible And Elegant

League City Wall Beds: Efficiency And Comfort

When retracted, League City wall beds are sleek and visually pleasing. Your home will not be marred by a rusty and unsightly retracted wall bed because our designers have made sure that our League City wall beds are able to fit perfectly into the most chic home design motif. League City wall beds are so comfortable that it’s difficult to marshall an argument as to why we don’t simply use wall beds in every room!

Abundant Space Makes For Abundant Activities

With the space you’ll free up once we’ve installed your League City wall bed the possibilities that open up are vast. Your bedroom can double as an office space or art studio. At-home yoga or aerobics won’t feel cramped and unsatisfying. League City wall beds allow you to maximize the utility of your home’s square-footage in style.

Maximize Your Living Space Today

If you’re at all curious about the variety of styles or installation logistics associated with League City wall beds we encourage you to call us or contact us online for a complimentary in-home consultation with one of our representatives.