Meredith Moon, Design Consultant

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Having the best job ever is anyone's dream. Having earned a degree in chemistry, you wouldn't think I would land a job in storage solutions. When I realized how much I enjoyed helping people organize their worlds though, I had to give it a shot. That was over 5 years ago.

Being a very organized and detailed person, I go to work to help others with their often disorganized and sometimes chaotic situations.  I put my knowledge and a good bit of understanding into it. When I talk with someone that feels there is no answer for their tiny storage area or badly shaped closet or office, and can present a solution that literally makes them smile, my task is done.

It's hard not to feel guilty because it is so much fun for me to take on these challenges. It is not hard in any way however, to stop, remember, and be grateful for those who had lost all hope and called California Closets. I love my clients and love my job.