Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization. Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same. Especially when it comes to finding personalized solutions to organization challenges. California Closets design consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces.

California Closets has been serving the Atlanta area since 1985. Our experienced team puts customer satisfaction as their top priority. We strive to exceed your expectations with a superior product, innovative design, expert installations and exceptional customer service.

We’re also involved in the community, having donated materials, design services and closet installations to worthy groups such as Ronald McDonald House, Habitat for Humanity, “Extreme Home Makeover”, Hi-Hope, and Happy Tails Pet Therapy.

Meet the California Closets Atlanta team: 

Julie Shimer, Sales Manager

I bet you didn't know that a simple closet could absolutely change your daily life?  Well I happen to know that walking into a well thought out, organized and yet beautiful space can make such a difference in your life!

Calais McGuinness, Director of Business Development

I love what I do! I grew up in Sandy Springs, Ga as the daughter of a custom builder and a retail fashion professional. Design, function and style were as much a part of my upbringing as table manners and Southern Hospitality. What I love most about being a part of the California Closets team is the wide variety of options available to me and my clients that allow us to come to the perfect solution for whatever space we are designing together.

Alicia Barney, Design Consultant

While pursing a Fashion Marketing degree, I began my design career as an intern for California Closets.  I've been inspired by the options and design the California Closets brand has to offer and the solutions they provide.  My love for fashion and design combined with California Closets has provided all of the essential tools for creating the closets of your dreams. I truly enjoy meeting new people and helping others create beautiful interior spaces.

Astrid Vose, Design Consultant

I grew up the daughter of a mechanical engineer and inherited an engineering mind. I have always been a fanatic about being organized and love projects, figuring out the solution and the satisfaction of completion. It could be a simple as organizing a drawer, earranging furniture, or tiling a kitchen, no project is intimidating for me and if I do not know how to do it, I will figure it out on my own. All my life, my friends and neighbors always call me for help with their projects.

Carmin Francisco , Design Consultant

Organization has always been a part of my life. When I was a child, I could spend many hours rearranging my Barbie’s clothing or helping my mom to stack the Tupperware containers in a better way. I even enjoy cleaning out the garage. While my college career did not prepare me for the custom storage industry, it did show me the importance of personalizing my designs for each client. 

Eric Bubniak, Design Consultant

I have loved helping others achieve organization in their lives during my 17 years with the Atlanta franchise. Obviously, I really do enjoy what I do. I love taking cluttered areas of the home and creating and transforming them into organized places where the clients are not ashamed to show their guests. One of my clients held a "wine party" to show off her new California Closet.Every day brings something different: I meet new people and see new challenges.  I am able to visit some of the most beautiful homes in Georgia.

Eunika Branicz, Design Consultant

I love to design storage solutions, it’s like putting puzzles together. My clients have things they want to fit in a space, and I get to put all those pieces together, while finding the right spot for everything. Everyone is different and has different needs. We specialize in learning about our clients to provide a personalized solution for them. That’s what makes my job a fun and rewarding experience.

Kathy Delaney, Design Consultant

When I began my career with California Closets over 14 years ago, I'd already had two wonderful corporate careers and never imagined that this would turn out to be my "dream job".Every consultation is a new adventure!  Each time I meet with my first client of the day the challenge begins, as I listen to the wishes and needs of people, exchange ideas, then work to create a combination of California Closets product and my design, hoping to achieve their ideal solution.

Katie Gerst, Design Consultant

I cannot express the incredible joy I feel when I hear a client say “I am so excited to get my closet done” or “I can’t wait for my friends to see this!”  I know it’s just a closet, and there are bigger issues in this world, but for my clients, what I’ve designed has solved a problem for them, and that’s what I’ve always been - a problem solver, and I couldn’t be happier than when I’m making someone else’s life better! 

Kimberly Evans, Design Consultant

Creating spaces that offer functionality, as well as innovative design concepts is something that I'm extremely passionate about. I'm committed to working closely with each customer to create an original, unique design that is customized specifically for their needs.  My clients are important to me, and my end goal is to offer the highest level product, design, and customer service that this industry has to offer. Repeat and referral business is the best compliment anyone could give me. That tells me that I'm doing something right.

Lynn Kercher, Design Consultant

As a fashion merchandise major, I have a great appreciation for wardrobes and accessories. If the perfect pair of shoes is lost under a pile of clothes in the corner of a closet, you can't put your best foot forward.That is what makes California Closets so great; regardless if it is a spice in your pantry or a file in your office, everything has a place.  Not only is it more functional but more aesthetically pleasing.

Michelle Kern, Design Consultant

Form and function can absolutely be combined to achieve solutions to tough spaces in the home! My extensive background in Art and Design allow me to create closets and spaces that can have the functionality of precisely measured and calculated closet systems along with a very aesthetically pleasing look.

Randy Sparks, Design Consultant

For almost 25 years I have owned and operated customer solutions based businesses.  Through this experience, I understand the importance of providing great customer service.  I take great pride in helping people solve their problems. What I love about California Closets is the opportunity to do just that – help customers solve their home organization challenges with the highest quality materials found in the industry.   I begin by listening to the customer and understanding their specific needs.

Scott Kelley, Design Consultant

In 1995, I began my career with California Closets in the installation department where I started to build my product knowledge. After two years, I was promoted to installation manager. In 2000, I began to design.I wanted to design because as an installer I witnessed the positive reactions people had to our product and service. I knew the product well and with my background as a carpenter felt I could design efficient and ascetically pleasing closet systems.

Vanessa Aranegui, Design Consultant

I am so excited to be part of California Closets. I love being able to work side-by-side with my clients to create designs that perfectly suit their needs, wants, and uniqueness. I pride myself on honesty and integrity. I simply want to find the best solution for you. I’m a creative type, so it’s so great to have a job that allows me the opportunities to... well... create! Each project is like a puzzle that I get to solve. Working as a California Closets Design Consultant just feels good.