Closet Systems Lawrence

The first step to organizing your closets is to vanquish the idea that a custom closet system is beyond reach. With less effort and imagination than you’ve devoted to decorating and furnishing your home, much less revamping your kitchen and bathrooms, you can have the functional and beautiful closets of your dreams. And the reason for this is that we help each step of the way: California Closets’ designers make the process of creating your Lawrence closet systems fun and simple.

Bring Order And Beauty To Your Closets

When you choose Lawrence closet systems, your desire to develop an elegantly practical closet system is put into action as we meet with you and design the closets you want to experience.  Your new closets will reflect the stylish décor of the rest of your home, while at the same time provide one the most effective spaces in it.  At long last, you will have all of your things stored in the proper place and easily accessible whenever needed.

Get It Built Your Way

Of course there is the temptation to choose a generic, standardized approach. Such a “one size fits all” method requires you to abandon many of the unique attributes you seek from a closet solution built for you. With customized Lawrence closet systems, you will get the layout, colors, hardware and veneers that you want to compliment your home and your specific requirements for how each closet performs. 

Make It Work For You

Let each closet provide the functionality you need. Perhaps you’d like your bedroom closet to be organized to make immediately accessible and highly visible those frequently needed clothing items and such as jeans, office attire and shoes; whereas a hallway closet might contain outdoor clothing, boots and umbrellas.  In each closet, you may desire an array of shelves, racks, boxes in bins that provide the degree of access appropriate for the frequency of use.  The permutations are near infinite with Lawrence closet systems.

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You’ll never discover just how much better organized and simpler your life could be until you get a free assessment from one of our designers. So call California Closets Lawrence now.