Today’s Laundry Storage Challenges

In the days of yore (or at least college), laundry storage meant you could stuff all your dirty laundry in a canvas bag or hamper and forget about them until you dealt with them on laundry day. You would grab you sock full of quarters and sort your laundry in no time. How times have changed. Today, in addition to the necessity of pre-sorting your lights, darks and delicates, you need a system to sort the clean clothes of everyone in the family or laundry will take all day to get done. Hampers just aren’t what they used to be.

The Laundry Storage Pyramid

Depending on the needs and capabilities of your laundry room, you can choose from a hierarchy of laundry storage solutions.

The Base:

At a bare minimum, single hampers just won’t cut it in a multi-person home. You will save laundry loads of time by pre-sorting lights, darks and delicates into separated laundry bins or baskets.

Lower Pyramid:

An ideal laundry room has storage for every item in every step of the process. A drawer or shelf for detergent and dryer sheets, a cabinet or space for an iron and ironing board, and extra laundry storage to keep extra sheets and towels make for great laundry storage.


A rack to hang ironed clothes and to dry sweaters is more convenient if located in your laundry room.

High Pyramid:

Some laundry storage systems hold removable baskets that can then be carried up to bedrooms when they are full of clean, folded clothes.

The Top:

Surfaces for folding and areas to store and separate clean clothes for each person in your household are more common with built-in laundry storage solutions. Often, cabinets installed in walls can also hold clothes hangers for pressed shirts, pants and dresses.

Create a Brand New Laundry Room

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