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Laundry rooms rarely get their due. As the site of most people’s least favorite task, the laundry room labors day in and day out with little thought given to how it can best function. That said, an organized and functional laundry room makes all the difference in streamlining one of life’s essential domestic tasks. 

As families grow, so does the pile of weekly laundry; it’s easy to let that pile get out of control, creating unnecessary clutter and stress. A laundry room that has space for folding and sorting, as well as storage for clean and soiled clothes alike, will ensure your laundry is a quick and easy task to get through. 

When a California Closets design consultant crafts custom laundry room storage, there are many considerations. The first and foremost is creating a sorting space. While many people relegate laundry sorting to the nearest available surface regardless of efficiency, we find that built-in solutions such as drop-down tables installed in the wall or sliding surfaces that conveniently tuck away provide a work surface that saves time, frustration, and your back.

Hanging spaces are also essential. After an afternoon tending to laundry, a wrinkled garment makes one feel that the effort was all for naught. Furthermore, drip-dry spaces for delicates and activewear ensure your garments’ quality lasts through many successive washes.

Of course, any talk of laundry rooms would be remiss without addressing ironing space. A dedicated space for an iron, ironing board, and starch sprays ensures that this essential task is not procrastinated. Who knows? You may even come to take joy in a freshly pressed shirt once the inconvenience of wrestling ironing implements is removed.

All these custom laundry room storage solutions are available in collaboration with your local California Closets. We’d love to have one of our talented designers take you through more novel ways to make your laundry room function like clockwork.


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