Laundry Organization Secrets

Those missing left socks are just the tip of the laundry organization iceberg. The only room in your house devoted to cleaning, laundry rooms ironically are very often disorganized black holes where clothes get lost and cluttered bottles of solvents and chemicals are stacked high. Luckily, 250,000 years of human progress have also created a plethora of ways to improve your laundry organization.

Laundry Problems and Solutions

Laundry Organization Problem #1: It takes forever to sort my laundry!

  • Solution: Try looking into a laundry bin or hamper with separators. This will cut down on the time you spend sorting dirty laundry into lights, darks and delicates.

Laundry Organization Problem #2: I keep losing socks, leaving me with lots of mismatched socks.

  • Solution: Whether you believe that missing socks get sucked into explainable crevices within the washing machine or dryer, or whether you believe they get sucked into an alternate world, one simple solution can prevent lost socks either way. Buy a small mesh bag with a zipper and all the socks will stay together through wash and dry cycles.

Laundry Organization Problem #3: My dining room chairs perpetually have drying sweaters on them.

  • Solution: Online stores and department stores offer a variety of sweater drying racks that can be kept in the laundry room, out of sight and effective.

Laundry Organization Problem #4: I can never find the right stain-remover or detergent in my laundry room when I need it.

  • Solution: Multiple shelves in your laundry room will do the trick. Consciously organize your detergents, stain removers and other cleaners, preferably on different shelves so that they are easier to find.

Laundry Organization Problem #5: Even after I clean nice clothes, they get wrinkled!

  • Solution: Whether you install simple metal racks or have nicer, more permanent ones installed, hanger racks are essential in the laundry room.

More Laundry Room Ideas

Do you have a few ideas that would be perfect for your Laundry Room? Contact a California Closet location near you to customize the perfect storage solutions to fit your desires, no matter how unique they might be. Each project is a true collaboration that brings together your objectives and our expertise into one custom project.