Closet Systems Latham

California Closets is known for satisfying its customers. We receive constant feedback from those who have had Latham closet systems installed, saying that their new closet has been a huge step in organizing their life. We decided to ask our happy customers reasons why our closet systems have worked out for them.

Why People Love Latham Closet Systems

1) Everything is visible

One of the most common reasons why our customers come to Latham in the first place is because they hate having to dig through tangled clothes to find what they are looking for. Latham closet systems helps you design a space where all your clothes are visible and easily accessible.

2) Coordination

Latham closet systems will help you organize your wardrobe so that it is easier to coordinate your outfits. The custom-designed closet systems make it easy to arrange your clothing by colors, season, or taste. Our customers love having this benefit.

3) Less ironing

Many of Latham’s customers initially come in complaining that a lot of their clothes need ironing after being stuffed in a messy closet. A great benefit of having extra hanging space is smooth clothing that needs less ironing.

4) Shoes are put away

Shoes tend to be one of those awkward articles of clothing that are difficult to find a space to store. They oftentimes end up thrown on the ground and jumbled in a pile. Latham’s closet systems take this issue into account and have designed different options for storing your shoes in an organized fashion.

5) Accessories have a home

One of the greatest aspects of Latham closet systems are the options for storing your accessories. California Closets offers belt racks, drawer dividers, jewelry holders, baskets, and more! These options help keep your closet organized and really make a difference to our customers.

You Will Love Us, Too!

These are only a few reasons why our customers benefit from a customizable closet. Come find out why you might love Latham closet systems, too!