Wall Beds Las Vegas

When you need an extra bed inside your home, but you don’t have the space you need, what are your options? Well, one of your best bets might be going with Las Vegas wall beds from California Closets. We believe in the efficiency of space, and a Las Vegas wall bed might be exactly what your home needs if you’re looking to economize the space you’re working with.

Make Your Home Liveable

The beauty of Las Vegas wall beds is that they allow your room to serve one purpose during the day time, and another during the night time.  Whether you need to retain the ability to have one room function as a home office, media center, or general living area, you can do so, and still have the bed you need that night.  Las Vegas wall beds allow for multifunctional living, while still being aesthetically pleasing.

There are two types of Las Vegas wall beds available, the “roll away” or the “fold up”.  Both are able to seamlessly incorporated into your living space.  By matching the façade of the structure to your existing scheme, we can make sure that it becomes a relatively unobtrusive feature of your home. 

We Specialize in the Economy of Space

The first step in creating your Las Vegas Wall bed is to get a sense of the physical constraints you’re working with.  So, we’ll take all the necessary measurements.  Then, we’ll ask all the right questions in regards to what type of style you’re looking for.  Once these two steps are completed, we’ll create a virtual rendition of what your Las Vegas wall bed will look like.  Take a look at how it will integrate into your home before it’s even built.  Once everything is to your liking, we’ll send our team of installation experts to put it all together.