Closet Organizers Lansing

Owning an organized closet is no easy task. Making room for all your clothing and accessories is almost impossible if you don’t have a structured closet to place them in. At California Closets, we solve these issues. We make it easy for you to organize your life with a custom design that fits your particular needs.

Custom Closets for Your Particular Needs

California Closets offers different options for designing a closet based on the individual’s differing needs. Here are a few different customizable options that will make your closet your own:

1) Amount and size of drawers and shelves

California Closets works with you in choosing the amount of drawers and shelving to place in your closet. We will help you assess your wardrobe and your daily needs to help figure out what ratio works best. We will also help you decide how much space to dedicate to hanging rods. This is the first big step to customizing your own personal closet.

2) Accessorize

California Closets is known for the accessories it offers. We find that placing accessories in your closets helps keep items in order. For example, we offer tie holders, shoe racks, hooks and many other hanging options that will help make a space for any particular item in your wardrobe. These options are the details of what makes your closet unique.

3) Placement

Our experienced designers will help you design a closet with the perfect proportions and placement solutions. According to your needs, we will help you optimize your space. Storage of things you wear least often can be placed close to the ceiling or on the ground, while items utilized more often can be easily accessed. Placement is key in any closet in order to successfully access your wardrobe.

Closet Organizers of Lansing Are Here for You

California Closets is there at every step of the way to guide you toward an organized closet. Give us a call today for a free consultation!