Murphy Beds Lancaster

Are you always scrambling to accommodate your overnight guests? Perhaps you don’t have enough guest bedrooms, or you need to ask your kids to bunk together so that one room becomes available, or the couch is the “go-to” spot. This is the common drill for anyone who hosts friends and family overnight routinely experiences. Of course, another unsavory “solution” is to pull the dusty airbed from the closet. But there’s a much better way offered to you by California Closets Lancaster – beautiful, stylish Lancaster Murphy beds! In one fell swoop, you can place into any room a stunning piece of furniture which will accommodate overnight guests with the comfortable, easily accessible wall bed that is contained within.

We Offer You State-of-the-Art Lancaster Murphy Beds.

It’s true that any bed apparatus that folds out, like a couch/bed combo or futon, is reputed to be uncomfortable, clunky, and ponderous. This is a deserved reputation of the murphy beds of yesteryear.  Murphy beds Lancaster by California Closets are, however, completely different. Our state-of-the-art mechanisms and mattress composition, combined with old world crafted furniture is as comfortable as it is stately, and will make you proud of whichever room its placed, and happy that your overnight guests have restful sleep.

Get “Unbusy” With California Closets Lancaster

Life can be busy. Why add more to your plate when guests arrive to stay with you in your home?  Stop scrambling about to reorganize your home to accommodate friends and family.  Consider Lancaster murphy beds.

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It’s so simple to learn why Murphy beds Lancaster are your best choice for a wall bed unit that will simplify your life and make you a happy host.  Call California Closets Lancaster for a free consultation at no obligation to you.