Lakeway Custom Closets

With spring in the air, residents of Lakeway may be getting the itch to pull out their recreational gear and head over to nearby Lake Travis. Unfortunately, if you’re like most households, finding your seasonal gear can be challenging, almost as much as finding that matching sock most mornings as you hurry to start your day and get to your appointments on time. This is because most homes do not have properly designed closets that will meet the needs of you and your family. If you’re frustrated by the clutter in your home, or the need to dig around to find what you want in your closets, then it’s time to consider Lakeway custom closets, brought to you by California Closets Lakeway, your custom closet specialist.

Go With The Most Experienced

Designing personalized home storage solutions, like Lakeway custom closets, is what California Closets has been doing for more than thirty years.  Thousands of satisfied customers all over North America can attest to the quality workmanship that goes into everything we do, and to how well our Lakeway custom closets system serve the families for whom they’re made.  Though it’s true that there are off-the-shelf items that you could buy to make your closets hold more of your things, if you don’t examine the deficiencies and opportunities of all your closets as a whole household storage system, then you may not solve your problem.

We Work With You

When you call upon us at California Closets Lakeway, we go to your home to assess your closets’ capabilities. We just don’t examine the size and configuration of your closets, but we talk to you in order to understand how you want to utilize your closets for storage, how much you want stored in them, and how readily accessed should certain items be.  Surely, your shoes need to be more easily accessible than your ski boots.

Call Us Today

If you’re having one of those frustrating closet moments, call California Closets Lakeway and speak to one of our designers about Lakeway custom closets.  Call us today and schedule your free consultation.