Lakeway Closet Company

It’s astounding what great minds can do together to transform a home. If you are looking for the Lakeway closet company that can help renovate your home storage from start to finish, California Closets is your match.

The Lakeway Closet Company For You

California Closets is a growing company, and the biggest reason for this is their dedication to excellence.  With the population growing and an increasing need for proper home storage, your Lakeway closet company too is growing and changing.

Since our conception in Northern California in 1978, we have grown to be a leading name in storage solutions, implementing new designs in 42,000 homes yearly.  With that, comes the responsibility of providing the very best and very latest in home design.  We work hard to bring you top quality materials in top quality fashions to keep your home looking fresh and current.

Your Lakeway closet company is not just dedicated to your home design, but also the world at large.  As the global climate continues to change we have made numerous changes in the ways that we manufacture and produce our goods as to make the smallest impact possible on our environment.  That way, you know that the organizers in your home have not contributed to the downfall of our planet.

The Lakeway Closet Company You Can Trust

California Closets has your best interest in mind, and prove so with more than 30 years and 100 showrooms under our best.  Now there is a local Lakeway closet company that you can go to for the best in home renovation and storage solutions.  There are so many ways that you can transform your home with new storage design.  Call today to find out more!