Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Lake Forest

What do you do with your home when you don’t have enough space for everything you need or want? One solution is to move, but we believe that you can make your current space accommodate it all. With one of California Closets Lake Forest wall beds or Lake Forest Murphy beds, you can make one of your rooms be multifunctional. Take any given area and make it function as a bedroom in the evening and it’s other purpose in the day time.

We Make Beautiful Lake Forest Wall Beds

When you live in a household that has limited space, you can easily find yourself struggling to fit it all in.  The intent of Lake Forest wall beds is to bring back your sense of control over your space.  When you can transform a room with a fantastic piece of furniture technology, you regain a sense of order.  Let your home office be an office during the week day, but allow it to function as your extra guest bedroom when you have a family member or friend staying with you.

The ability to make a room serve two purpose is akin to having an R.V.  There’s no need to let the furniture in a room dictate what function the space can or cannot serve.  With Lake Forest Murphy beds, you allow yourself the luxury of having a spare bed, but maintain that space for its other purposes when you need them.  We know that your space is valuable to you, but there’s every reason to make your rooms serve your needs, and not the other way around.

Making Space Efficient For Over 30 Years

If you’re considering installing Lake Forest wall beds, then give California Closets a call today.  We are happy to help every household transform into the best it can be.  Work with our team of experts ready to design Lake Forest Murphy beds that match your sense of style and aesthetic, and yet also meet the spatial constrictions of your room of choice.