Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Lafayette

It’s amazing how from one decade to the next the fashions and styles tend to make their way back around the bend. With a new flare on organization and maximized space, California Closets brings you Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds to upgrade the functionality of any room.

Solving Space With Lafayette Wall Beds & Murphy Beds

What once was outdated is now the fresh new thing for modern homes and modern lifestyles.  It’s hard to accommodate everybody’s needs in one home.  That’s precisely how your new Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds will solve any spatial issues you and your family may have.

What Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds allow you to do is to create multi-functional rooms that incorporate more than one person’s needs.  The style of Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds is simple.  They are built into the framework of another furnishing so that they are easily stored and hidden.  Often time this takes the shape of a media center, an office, or a large bookshelf.

Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds are perfect for the business man who spends the occasional night at the office and also for the family who doesn’t have space for a guest room.  This makes it easy for you to say yes to last minute guests and not have to worry about the mess.

Lafayette Wall Beds And Murphy Beds Are Back

With an easy-pull lever for setting up and storing the Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds, you’ll have no trouble getting cozy quickly in a multi-faceted room complete with a bed and whatever else you might need.  Call today for your free, in-home design consultation and get your Lafayette wall beds and Murphy beds today!