LA Closet Design

Known as a city of celebrity and glamour, LA is, in reality, a giant metropolis with a diversity of lifestyles, personalities and aesthetics. But people from all walks of life have become accustomed to the same high quality, world-class products and services. The customers are what drive California Closets to always innovate and improve its closet design for LA homes.

California Closets LA Design Process from Start to Finish

The process is initiated when a client schedules a free in-home consultation by calling or visiting the website. An LA closet design professional comes to visit the home and gets to know the client. During this first meeting the objective is to establish a working relationship and begin to flesh out the client’s vision for their home design.

What is the function of the storage area currently?  In what ways does it fall short of the client’s needs? How does the client envision using it in the future? 

The designer also uses the opportunity to get to know the style of the house and what the aesthetics goals for the closet design are. California Closets’ LA closet design options are immense and the help of a professional is necessary to navigate the catalog. 

The last objective of the visit is to do a comprehensive assessment of the storage space to determine its capacity and dimensions. 

With all this information the designer can become the craftsman they are. Using an advance computer program they render the project in three dimensions in way that makes it easy for the client to also participate in the process. 

LA Closet Design Manufacturing and Installation

With the plans sealed and approved by the client, they are sent to the California Closets manufacturing facility in LA. Closet design that is custom ordered and custom built is the company’s specialty!