La Jolla Wall Beds Help Rooms Morph

A bed quickly and easily establishes the tone and purpose of a room. While this makes sense for your bedroom and those of your children, if you've got a guest room that is only in use for a few weekends a year, having a cumbersome mattress in there is preventing you from using the space to its full potential. La Jolla wall beds from California Closets work wonders in situations like these, as they allow for homeowners to guarantee friends and family a comfortable place to rest while they're visiting while preserving all of that versatility when not in use. With the mattress tucked away in one of our space-saving closet system units, not only will it feel like a whole new room to explore--it'll look great at the same time.

The Best Of Both Worlds: La Jolla Wall Beds

When A Bedroom Is Needed

You want your guests to feel comfortable while they're visiting (and in an area such as La Jolla, you may have visitors frequently)! You want convenience, and they want comfort. These two demands cross at La Jolla wall beds from California Closets. Easily unfurled, hosts can quickly turn the spare room into a bedroom without any stress at all. Once that is taken care of, guests are sure to have a lovely experience, as they're real mattresses they'll be using. They won't have to worry about mattresses popping or deflating!

When You Want More Space

Once your guests have gone and you'd like to return the space to full availability, all you have to do is lift the mattress back up, and you're all set. La Jolla wall beds don't look like those units of old that you see in black and white movies--they're structurally sound units that will also make important visual enhancements to the space. Have a look at some of our previous projects; you'll probably notice the beautiful wood grains and hardware that make up the exterior portion before anything else!