Wall Beds Kona

When you live in a place as beautiful as Kona, you’re no stranger to friends and families planning vacations to come visit your home. With so much to do in Kona, you and your guests will have a blast surfing the waves and hiking around the historic parts of Hawaii. After a long day of fun, you’re sure to be exhausted when the question of sleeping accommodations comes up. Pulling the spare mattress out of storage is burdensome after a long day, while blowing up an air mattress always runs the risk of it popping mid-sleep. California Closets is here to help with wall beds Kona!

Wall Beds Kona For An Easy Solution!

Use With Ease

By utilizing a simple pull-down or pull-out mechanism, wall beds Kona are an easy solution for guest sleeping arrangements. When not in use, wall beds Kona fold surreptitiously back into the wall for safe keeping. With wall beds Kona, you don’t have to waste any energy putting together a make-shift bed for your guest; everything will be ready to go when you just pull one of our wall beds Kona out of the wall!

Any Space Becomes A Spare Bedroom

Due to the highly customizable nature of wall beds Kona, any space in your house can be converted into a spare bedroom! Our custom made wall beds Kona are made to fit your specific dimensions, making it possible for virtually any space to host one of our wall beds Kona. Don’t give up your home office or game room just for a spare bedroom--with wall beds Kona, you can have both!

You Know Who To Call!

Call California Closets today to schedule a free in-home consultation to get started with one of our wall beds Kona. We look forward to hearing from you!