Custom Closets Kona

You’re the do-it-yourself type, but when you open up your closet door, you simply don’t know what to do. Piles of clothes scattered here and there, heaps of mismatched shoes and a hanging rod that doesn’t look like it can take one single more hanger. Don’t worry; you just need a helping hand from California Closets, the leader in Kona custom closets.

You’re on the Kona Custom Closets Team

When you work with a Kona custom closets consultant from California Closets, you’re in on the process all the way.  Your ideas, your vision and your aesthetic values are the guiding forces in creating a new customized storage space.  You’ll discuss your specific requirements with your consultant, giving them a sense of how the closet should be designed in order to fit your needs.  You’ll choose from the huge selection of storage innovations that California Closets has developed over the years, finding just the right combination of shelving, hooks, baskets and bins to store and display your wardrobe and belongings.

A Look You’ll Love

Almost as important as your closet’s function is the attractiveness of its form.  Again, your input is key as you decide from among the hundreds of combinations of materials, accents and colors.  Create a storage area that complements the existing décor of your home, or have fun giving it a totally different look.  You’ll even get an advanced peek at the finished product, courtesy of a 3-D computer image, affording you the chance to make last-minute alterations or improvements.

It Begins with You

A great new closet awaits and it starts with you.  Call or click for a free, in-house meeting with your Kona custom closets professional today.