Custom Closets Kodiak

In the martial art judo, each competitor takes the unique approach of receiving her opponent’s force and transforming that opposing energy into energy that works in her favor. Similarly, our Kodiak custom closets and organization systems can help you transform challenging elements of your house into storage features that increase your home’s style and functionality.

Custom Closets Kodiak: A Matter of Perspective

Take a Look

At California Closets of Anchorage, we offer free consultations with design specialists that listen to your goals and offer creative solutions to even the trickiest spatial quandaries.  The key is perspective.

Instead of seeing seemingly troublesome parts of a home as obstacles that must be opposed and overcome, we see these areas as potential strengths that have yet to be fully realized.  Like the judo fighter, our custom design professionals can take these problematic areas and transform them so they instead aid in furthering your storage and design goals.

Transformative Solutions

If you struggle to make your guest room double as a workspace, we see an opportunity for a wall bed.  If you have peculiar nooks and crannies going unused, we offer custom shelving that can be fitted for virtually any size or shape of wall space.  If your floor is getting cluttered with toys, we can provide bins and racks with custom finishes to enhance your personal style.  No matter what the challenge is, our Kodiak custom closets and other customized creative storage installations can transform problem areas into smart storage opportunities.

Kodiak Custom Closets: Creative Solutions

If you have a space, storage, or organizational challenge, we offer creative solutions to realize and maximize the potential of your home.  Come visit us at your local Anchorage branch of California Closets, located at 12001 Industry Way, Anchorage, so our Kodiak custom closets can help optimize your home.