Kitchen Pantry Green Re-Designs

Is it possible to redesign your kitchen pantry to be more environmentally friendly? Right now, it is most likely made out of unsustainable, low quality materials. Here are a few tips if you’re looking to redesign your kitchen pantry, or any other part of your kitchen, in a greener way.

An Environmentally Friendly Kitchen Pantry

  • When choosing finishes for your kitchen pantry’s wooden surfaces or even what types of wood you would like to use, do a bit of research to see where your wood comes from. There are many wood products that are manufactured in a low-emissions, sustainable manner, like California Closets’ luxury Lago line.
  • Many types of glue used to construct a potential new cabinet or kitchen pantry use environmentally harmful chemicals. Is that what you want holding together the kitchen pantry that is storing all the food you eat? However, many eco-friendly glues are weak and cannot be used for important construction, like the shelves of your kitchen pantry. Look into eco-resin, which is extremely effective in sticking the separate pieces of your kitchen pantry together without the use of harmful chemicals.
  • For the floor of your kitchen pantry, there are many materials that are both practical and green. Marmoleum, a brand of linoleum, is made out of earth-friendly materials including linseed oil and natural pigment. Like other linoleums, it makes for easy clean-up when the inevitable spills occur.
  • Built-in recycling bins and compost dividers help you separate your waste and minimize the un-recycled waste your household produces. Recycling and compost bins with separators can be built into drawers in your kitchen pantry, minimize smell and keep your kitchen looking and feeling clean.

Be as Green as You Can Be

At California Closets, we take pride in providing our customers with environmentally friendly storage solutions. Take a look at some of our other popular "green" solutions.

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