Custom Closets Kirkland

Every individual is different. We all have particular needs, personalities, styles, goals, and ideas. California Closets takes this idea and runs with it. We know that in order to create a closet that will surely make our customers happy, it needs to be completely tailor-made for them. When you come to us, you steer the direction your closet design will take.

Benefits of Kirkland Custom Closets

Here at California Closets, we help you build a space that you can surely call your own.  Every aspect of your closet is customizable. From choosing the size of the drawers to be installed or the amount of hooks you want on your door, every little decision will be based on your specific needs. Kirkland custom closets are offered with a variety of options that will help enhance your storage areas. 

California Closets will also give you tips on how to build your closet in a way that will also help you stay organized. For example, our customers tend to stay organized when their favorite clothing is most accessible. Therefore, we build your closet with accessibility in mind. This prevents clutter, and keeps your wardrobe confined and tidy. 

With the help of our experienced closet designers, designing the perfect closet is a fun and rewarding experience. We will help you optimize your closet space while providing you with an organized lifestyle. You come to us with questions, goals and ideas and we’ll respond with answers, enthusiasm, and guidance. So next time you walk into your messy closet, think of the possibilities that a California Closets designer can help you discover. 

Endless Possibilities, One Solution

With Kirkland custom closets, the possibilities are endless. In the end, though, there is only one solution; it’s the ideal, practical, efficient and custom-designed California Closet that will enhance your life and wardrobe.