Murphy Beds/Wall Beds Kingsville

When you hear the words “wall beds” or “murphy beds” you might think of a rickety, rusty, unsightly thing in a cramped apartment where the kitchen is also the bedroom. Put that image out of your mind. Kingsville wall beds from California Closets are vastly superior to the wall beds of old. Both sightly, easy to open and close, and stupendously comfortable, Kingsville murphy beds are an exciting opportunity to use the space you have more efficiently.

There When You Need It

Comfort, Style, Efficiency

Kingsville murphy beds are marvels of design. When retracted they are sleek, unobtrusive and elegant. When unfolded for use, they are luxurious - extremely comfortable beds that play no second fiddle to standard beds. If you’d like your office to double as a guest bedroom, or are simply trying to get the most out of your own bedroom Kingsville wall beds are a truly attractive option. It’s a challenge to find a reason why ALL beds aren’t Kingsville wall beds; why dedicate so much space to something you only use half the time?

Possibilities Abound

Once you’ve traded your standard bed for Kingsville murphy beds, there possibilities that your new space allow for are extensive to say the least. Been looking for a place to do yoga in the morning? Look no further. Struggling to find a space for art work, or music rehearsal? Problem solved. The benefits of Kingsville wall beds can revolutionize your home life and wow your guests!

Want To Learn More?

If you are interested in the space-maximizing potential of Kingsville murphy beds, we invite you schedule a FREE in-home consultation today!