Wall Beds & Murphy Beds King City

Having people visit from out of town is a great way to spend free time! Showing friends and family around your favorite hangouts and sights is a wonderful way to reignite your love for King City, create new memories, and re-live old ones. When the time comes to sleep after a long day of sight seeing, however, the problem of sleeping accommodation arises. Dragging a spare mattress out of storage or blowing up a flimsy air bed can put a damper on such a fun day. Put this problem to bed with murphy beds King City by California Closets! Easily folding out of the wall when needed, wall beds King City are the easy solution to guest sleeping accommodations.

Wall Beds King City: The Fast And Easy Sleeping Solution

Harmonize Comfort And Convenience With Wall Beds King City

Turn any room into a spare bedroom in less than five seconds! By simply utilizing a pull-out or pull-down mechanism, murphy beds King City come out of the wall when needed, and easily fold back when not in use, making murphy beds King City the most convenient and comfortable spare bed solution.

Blends Right In

Like all California Closets’ products, murphy beds King City can be customized to blend right in with your existing interior design scheme. By choosing a design that matches your room, you’ll forget you even have a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement waiting for your guests at any given moment!

Improve Your Home With California Closets

When you choose California Closets for your home improvement endeavors, you can count on the fact that you’re actually going to improve the quality of your home! We are known for our high quality products and reliable customer service is all over the world. Call today to experience it for yourself!