Beyond Kids Toy Storage

Kids toy storage can be daunting: parents want to find a way to organize toys that is effective and visually appealing for them, while also balancing the need for that system to be maintained by the kids.

The best way to solve the problem is by using a kids toy storage system specifically set up with kids, not parents, in mind. It has to be simple and easily accessible for kids, and fit their diverse needs.

After all, the kids toy storage system that you will build will depend on what types of toys your kids enjoy, how they use them, and the cleaning and storage habits you've established in your family.

3 Steps to a Kids Toy Storage System

1. Decide which method -- or combination of methods -- you are going to use. Some popular options that people use for organizing toys: child toy chests, toy shelves, toy bins, and toy hammocks.

Talk to your California Closets design consultant about examples that you've seen elsewhere that you like or don't like. Also consider that the kids toy storage units that you use have to be low enough, safe enough, and lightweight enough for your children to take the toys out and put them back in themselves.

What's the point of having a kids toy storage system which makes you clean after your child after each play session?

2. Training time! Once you've established your kids toy storage system, you have to train your kids on how to use it. Label each compartment with both the toy picture (e.g., a car picture for container designated to store toy cars) and in writing. This will also help them with their reading skills.

And don't forget to enforce your kids toy storage system.

3. Rotate toys. Toy rotation is a great way to avoid toy clutter in visible areas and really maximize your kids toy storage system. How do you do this? Bring out a few toys at a time and store the rest away in the attic, garage or kids closet.

Not only this will cut down on the number of toys which need to be put away every play session, but it will make toys feel "new" again and will increase your child's interest in them. Kids get overwhelmed when there are too many choices, and when there are a lot of toy options, each tends to lose its individual value.

By only bringing out a few toys at a time, those few toys will regain their value and hence your child will be more interested in them. (And perhaps more likely to respect them by putting them away and use your brand-new kids toy storage system.)

Taking it One Step Further

Yes, there's a fourth step -- be creative and come up with solutions as you see the need. Use your imagination and creativity to store toys. Think about items like board games, wooden puzzles, stuffed animals, bath toy storage, and even electronics. Kids toys are no longer limited to the traditional items you grew up with. You might need to talk to your consultant about incorporating videogames and mobile device equipment into your kids toy storage plan.