Kids Storage Bins - The Best Solution

With all of the options out there for kids storage bins, it's difficult to get started on organizing your kids room or nursery without a clear plan, or some advice from professionals.

You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Below are some common questions we get asked:

Q: I have a small amount of space to work with. Any advice on how to use kids storage bins to maximize space?

A: Of course! One big overlooked space in small nurseries and kids rooms is under the bed. Granted, as they grow older, that space is often reclaimed by them as their secret catch-all space for junk, or things they don't want their parents to see! In the meantime, while you do have control over that space, use it to store toys and extra bedding in kids storage bins. If you have a trundle bed, you can still use that space, just work with your consultant to fit it with a storage grid. Kid sleeping over? No problem. You can replace the storage grid with a twin mattress as needed.

Q: What's better, wood or plastic kids storage bins?

A: Both wood and plastic are great, and in many cases it's a matter of personal preference. With both, you can arrange toys, bedding, clothes, and books systematically and they will look great in any kid’s room. Whatever system you use, make sure you can visually identify the interior, whether it's by using color-coded wooden boxes, labels, or clear compartments. If it's a storage bin that your kids will be handling more than you, we recommend plastic, as it's lighter and easier to clean.

What About Custom Kids Storage Bins?

The best ways to customize your nursery or kids room is actually to start with the overall plan. Call us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation, to start with the basics like room design and furniture. The best part about kids storage bins from California Closets is that they are simply part of a larger solution, and are designed to fit into the master plan of your room -- rather than be short-term, interim solutions to the problem.