Keeping the Kids Bedroom Clean

Strategies for keeping your kids’ bedroom clean include lists, games and incentives. Motivation to clean the kids’ bedroom can be hard, but several furniture and room design tips can take away at least a key kids bedroom excuse.

Facilitating a Clean Kids Bedroom with Furniture

Dirty clothes strewn across the floor is the main problem for many kids’ bedrooms. For smaller children, making it easier to put away clothes can make a huge difference. Make sure that there is a designated place to put dirty laundry and make sure it is low enough and big enough for children to use until laundry day comes.

In the same vein low closet rods and accessible drawers make it easier for smaller children to put clothes away. If the kids’ bedroom is designed with adult proportions in mind, it will be the adult (you) who ends up putting away the clothes.

To help remind your kids that everything has a place, label drawers and shelves. This can help minimize both clothes clutter and toy clutter. Separate bins for different types of toys (LEGOs vs. art supplies, for example) can instill good organizational concepts in your kids’ bedroom early on.

Pass on the small, cute wastebasket and settle for a larger wastebasket that can actually store all the trash your kids’ bedroom creates. You child might score a few more crumpled-up-paper baskets from across the room this way, too.

Featured Customer Testimonial

"My daughter's room was bursting at the seams. Working with California Closets, we designed a flexible storage space in her closet and added the perfect desk and shelving layout in her room - and she couldn't be more pleased."
             ~Yvette D. - Tacoma, WA