Wall Beds Ketchikan

Your home is your palace. Especially in Alaska where the outdoors can be as dangerous as they are enticing, it is important to be a lord over your own dwelling. California Closets helps Ketchikan residents like you feel at home with custom home storage design – smart spatial solutions for homeowners that care.

Ketchikan Wall Beds Give You the Best of All Worlds

Storage efficiency is about making space where there was none before. California Closets leads the industry in finding innovative ways to use space and take advantage of every square inch. High ceilings, slanted ceilings and nooks are crannies – a designer from California Closets sees these as challenges not limits. 

One of the best tricks up the designer’s sleeve is the wall bed. When they hear that you want a home office and a guestroom, or that you want a place to sleep in your art studio, they will probably suggest such a contraption. With a modern take on an age-old invention, many in Ketchikan are turning to wall beds for efficiency. There is no better way to add functionality and flexibility to a house than wall beds.

What is the modern version of the wall bed? First of all, unlike in silent comedic films, they do not have a mind of their own. Today’s wall beds available to Ketchikan residents are completely safe and they are easy to operate. They are built to be as comfortable as regular beds when they are down. And when they are up, they are designed to blend in with the room’s aesthetic, appearing as no more than a closet or media center. 

In Ketchikan Wall Beds Are a Necessity Amenity

Because guests don’t sleep on inflatable mattress in Ketchikan – Wall beds give you the power to transform a room with a lever.