Custom Closets Ketchikan

One of the biggest hassles of winter can be accessing winter outwear every time you leave the house. Here in Ketchikan, we know a thing or two about winter. That’s why at California Closets, we offer Ketchikan custom closets to make storing and accessing winter wear as efficient and convenient as possible.

Custom Closets Ketchikan: Winter Wear

Chilling Out

Winter wear can be both cumbersome and is also frequently used.  With Ketchikan custom closets, winter closets no longer have to dampen your spirits.  With closets and closet organization systems tailored to your winter items and your home, dealing with your winter closet can be easy and accessible.

At California Closets in Anchorage, we want your coat closet to make your winter, not to add to the flurry.  We offer custom-designed organizing bins and smart shelving options so you can prevent hats and gloves from getting lost in an abyss.  Adjustable closet rod options maximize space, so you can fit coats your whole family can wear and access. With these features and more, your winter closet can decrease your stress, not to add to it.

In Command of Your Coat Closet

Gone are the days of coats bulging out, hats willy-nilly, unmatched gloves shoved in corners, or umbrellas falling when you open the door.  We’ll help you design a winter closet where your all your winter outerwear has a custom-fitted place that can be easily accessed and remain highly organized. 

Ketchikan Custom Closets: Winter Closet Wonderland

In Alaska, closets that hold our winter garb and gear hold a special significance for us.  We can work with you to smartly design Ketchikan custom closets that make your winter closet accessible, efficient, and as hassle-free as possible.  You can book your free design specialist consultation at California Closets of Anchorage, conveniently located at 12001 Industry Way, Anchorage.