Walk In Closets Kennette Square

With the luxury attached to the idea of a walk-in closet, do you sometimes feel that it’s not all its cracked up to be? With Kennette Square walk-in closets, we at California Closets want to help you achieve a full appreciation of your walk-in closet with innovative designs, useful storage solutions, and organizational accessories that can be used for any walk-in storage space!

The Glory That is Kennette Square Walk-In Closets

Whether you’re working with an abundance of space, or little to none, Kennette Square walk-in closets are the solution for you.  With attachable shoe shelves that fit perfectly to your wall, you can add a vertical dimension to your closet to truly take advantage of the space you have. Our experts can show you space-saving techniques and closet solutions like our hook and hanging configurations so that you don’t feel inhibited.

Or if space isn’t a hindrance, you can convert that shoe rack into an easy-glide shoe drawer.  You can also install an island that not only accents the space you have with a sophisticated piece, but its utility will give you the luxury of a countertop space and a concealed compartments such as a hutch or drawer space for jewelry, and even cabinetry for your clothes hamper.

With Kennette Square walk-in closets, you’ll be able to work with our experts to help you achieve the desired space you’ve always wanted. Whether you are working from scratch or simply fine-tuning what already exists, we’ll help you gain the closet of your dreams without it having to cost a fortune.  Our experts will even work around your busy schedule so you don’t have to compromise your plans for ours.

Make Kennette Square Walk-In Closets Your One Stop Shop For Closet Renovation!

With Kennette Square walk-in closets, we’ll provide you with everything you need to achieve the closet of your dreams.  What’s more, we’ll also provide a FREE, in-home consultation to help you begin the process. So get started today!