Closet Systems Kennette Square

Is it time for your home to take on a new feature? Sometimes it’s the small things, like corner clutter, messy counters, or clothes on your bed that make your home seem less enjoyable to live in. With new Kennette Square closet systems from California Closets, your home will be clean and refreshed, and feel brand new!

A Storage Solution for Your Home

If you often find yourself spending more time picking up garments and less time enjoying the warmth of your living room, maybe you need to find a better way to store.  A Kennette Square closet system, fully customized to the needs of your home and complete with high quality and good service, will feel like a blessing!

Built Like It Was Always There

Since Kennette Square sloset systems are fully personalized for your needs and style, it will feel as natural to the home as if it was built right in!  We have a tremendous number of possibilities of different layouts utilizing hanger space, bins, shelves, cupboards and more.  On top of that, we have a number of design schemes, materials, and colors for you to match the previous furnishings and swagger of your home and life.  Once built, you will know precisely how everything fits, and your closet will feel like it’s been there forever!

Your Dream Closet in a Few Easy Steps

At California Closets we feel that our customers deserve the best.  As such, our closet systems are built out of locally sourced materials of the highest grade quality.  Not only that, our service will make the process quick and easy and maybe a little fun too!  Our trained consultants help you actualize what you want and need in a storage space, and our fine craftsmen will make sure that your dream closet is built perfectly, down to the last nail.

Your Closet Awaits!

The storage solution that is built by you will be the one for your home, so why wait any longer?  Call us today and we will answer the call for customized Kennette Square closet systems.