Wall Beds Kennesaw

When you want to make a room in your house more flexible in how you use it, and simultaneously provide more functionality to your household, there are few options as remarkable as a Kennesaw wall bed from California Closets. California Closets has stylish wall beds to fit any room. Think about your home. Don’t you have a room that is insufficiently used? Do you have a room with the untapped potential to provide so much more value than it does by transforming this space into a guest room or bedroom – on demand – with a smart looking, well made and comfortable Kennesaw wall bed built by California Closets?

Wall Beds Kennesaw – Beautifully Styled and Easily Used

Kennesaw wall beds can transform nearly any room from an underused afterthought to a vibrant, stylish and multi-use habitat.  Now, this wasn’t always true with the classic wall beds of the past.  There was a time when wall beds were bulky, unattractive, and dominated the room they were in, making the room useless for any other purpose than sleeping. But with California Closets' wall beds Kennesaw, everything about that old conception of a wall bed has dramatically changed.  Our wall beds are designed to integrate with your home office, media center, or any alternative-use purpose of your room, rather than dominate it.

Many Styles To Choose From

Kennesaw wall beds from California Closets are available in a surprising number of options, each built with high quality woods and hardware, providing you a fit and finish to be proud of. You’ll be amazed by how the designs of Kennesaw wall beds artfully integrate the beds into the closet, office, media and wardrobe systems, thus hiding the bed behind a beautiful piece of furniture that fits your room perfectly.

Product Features Are Best-in-Class

Although a key feature of California Closet wall beds is how great they look, you’ll also be delighted by how well they work.  These wall beds are engineered to effortlessly and smoothly open and close. Supported by functional design, sturdy mechanisms and hardware, your Kennesaw wall bed will last for many years of regular use.

Call Us About Kennesaw Wall Beds

Many colors and designs are available, and a Kennesaw wall bed consultant is available to help you choose the perfect wall bed for you.  Call us today!