Murphy Beds Kenai

Look outside your window and see the beautiful snow crested mountains surrounded by green pines - it’s not hard to understand why friend and family are always wanting to come visit their favourite Kenai resident! When your guests arrive, you’ll want to take them around to see all your favourite places and beauty that Kenai has to offer. After a long day of fun, you and your guest are sure to be exhausted when the question of sleeping accommodations comes up. Should you lug the spare mattress out of storage or set up the air mattress that may or may not have a hole in it? The answer is with Murphy beds Kenai brought to you by California Closets! Murphy beds Kenai are the easy solution to overnight guests when you don’t have the luxury of a spare bedroom!

Quick And Easy Sleeping Solutions With Murphy Beds Kenai

Regionally-Produced Kenai Murphy Beds 

Murphy beds Kenai are the most convenient solution to spare sleeping accommodations. In a matter of seconds, murphy beds fold out of the wall and are ready for use. By using a simply pull-down or pull-put method, murphy beds comes out of the wall when needed and just as easily stores away when not. 

Customize Your Way To A Spare Bedroom 

At California Closets, we allow for complete customization of our regionally-produced Kenai murphy beds. No matter what the shape or size of the room you’d like to implement the sleeping solution, murphy beds can be adjusted to fit your spatial needs, making it easy to convert your home office, media room, or living room into a spare bedroom when needed. 

California Closets: For Customer Service You Can Count On!

At California Closets, we pride ourselves on our friendly and knowledgable employees. We offer a free in-home consultation to get you started on one of our murphy beds Kenai - so call today!