Custom Closets Kenai

Life coaches often expound on the benefits of living actively, not passively. The key to this lies in proactively engaging with situations in your life in a way that meets your needs. At California Closets of Anchorage, we know that this philosophy pertains to storage as well.

Custom Closets Kenai: Active versus Passive Storage

Getting Unstuck

Many people find themselves stuck with a passive relationship to their storage systems.  Even if they wish to interact more actively with their organizing systems, the setup of many traditional closets and storage systems does not lend itself to easily engaging with it.  Traditional storage is primarily designed to statically hold belongings.

Dynamic Storage

However, at California Closets of Anchorage, we are committed to providing storage solutions that enable you to actively use and access your stored items in a way that conveniently meets your needs.  With Kenai custom closets and various options personalized to increase ease of use, the usability of items within your storage is prioritized along with efficient use of space.

One option that Kenai custom closets can include a full-extension runner that facilitates your ability to easily reach items in the back of your drawers.  Additionally, we creatively arrange closets so that you can easily access formerly unreachable corner areas.  For every part of your closet and home storage systems we design, we make sure it enables you to actively interact with your storage pieces and easily access what lies inside.

Kenai Custom Closets: Make the Active Choice

We do not just create storage that statically holds your belongings.  Rather, we create storage systems that are dynamic and encourage active participation.  If you want to make the active choice to have accessible storage, we’ll help you design your ideal Kenai custom closets at California Closets of Anchorage, conveniently located at 12001 Industry Way, Anchorage.