Closet Design Kenai

The motto of Kenai is Village with a Past - City with a Future, and that is an idea California Closets has always believed in. It is about honoring a heritage and being innovative at the same time. California Closets’ contribution to Kenai’s future is closet design that is luxurious and sophisticated.

The Process of Closet Design in Kenai

The first step in the process is scheduling a design consultation with an expert. This initial appointment is free and takes place at your home in Kenai. Good closet design is born out of strong relationships between designers and clients. At this meeting the designers gets to know you and your home. They help you identify your exact goal for the project.

You will be asked, how is the current design of the storage space falling short? How do you envision using it in the future? What are your storage needs?

The designer will also take time to assess the storage space and measure its dimensions and its capacity for hanging versus shelving storage. 

With strong communication between you and the designer you can rest assured they will come up with a scenario that you love. But, of course, they will run it all by you for confirmation. This next step in the closet design is a favourite in Kenai. 

The designer uses state-of-the-art technology to create a three dimensional simulation of the planned project. You will be able to virtually visit the space and experiment with the design.

Satisfaction Guaranteed for Kenai’s Closet Design

On top of the multiple points of communication between you and the Kenai designer throughout the closet design process, there is a lifetime guarantee for all California Closets products.