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People in the know go out of their way to use companies and products they can count on. Just like you, we value quality, customer service and a superior overall experience. When it comes to home storage, California Closets is the closet company Kenai trust to deliver in all the areas that matter. When you call us, we immediately match you with a friendly, certified member of our design team. Together, you and your support system will create beautiful, lasting custom pieces that perfectly integrate into your home design. When you use California Closets, you gain our experience and resources, combined with your personal expertise. We are the Kenai closet company that truly has it all, so what are you waiting for?

We Know Good Design

A Personalized System of Storage

You’ll be absolutely amazed at the improvement on every day life that more organized storage can bring. From getting your things together in the morning, to more effectively utilizing your long term storage, California Closets has a system that will work for you. You deserve a product that is as sturdy and attractive as the rest of your home. This Kenai closet company is your go to for satisfying storage. 

One Stop Shop

There are quite a few different places one can go to find makeshift materials for home storage. California Closets, your favourite Kenai closet company, has a wide variety of wood tones, colors and hardware all in one place. View our online image gallery to see what others have done, we guarantee you’ll find some inspiration to use in your own designs.

The Closet Company Kenai Loves

California Closets has the reliable staff, renowned experience and expert materials that you can count on from a Kenai closet company. Call today for a complimentary in home consultation!