Garage Storage Katy

It is entirely common for home garages to be dusty, cluttered, disorganized masses of stored items. These items are difficult to find when you need them, and sometimes you’ll even forget what you have, only to discover after buying more drill bits that you already had two sets. With Katy garage storage you can put those days behind you. California Closets has been in the home storage optimization business for over thirty years; so our Design Consultants know a thing or two about how to organize a cluttered area. Through a variety of methods our Design Consultants can turn your disorganized garage into a gorgeous extension of your home with all kinds of potential for home work projects, art and music space, or car and bicycle repair.

Realize Your Garage’s Potential

Katy Garage Storage: Making The Most Of Your Garage

With the help of our Design Consultants, Katy garage storage can make your garage look just as chic and stylish as your kitchen and bedroom. No longer will your garage be relegated to second class status. With an assortment of shelving, pegboards, work tables, tool racks and more, your garage can be transformed from a chaotic area you try to avoid, into a zen-like oasis of organizational ease that you’re proud to show off to friends and relatives.

Customizable As Ever

Like most things in the California Closets wheelhouse, Katy garage storage can eminently customizable. We bring a host of ideas, suggestions and potential solutions to the table and you pick and choose what suits your fancy. The garage that you want is the garage you shall have.

Upgrade Your Garage

If you’re curious about what we can do for you and your garage we encourage to contact us today for a complimentary in-home consultation!