Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Kansas City

One of the best ways to catch up with old friends and family that live far away is to have them come for a visit. Without the worry of having to get home, you and your old friends can stay up late into the night reminiscing about old times. When dawn starts to break, however, and the question of sleeping arises, the fun suddenly comes to a halt. Dragging a spare mattress out of storage is cumbersome while blowing up an air bed always has the threat of popping. At California Closets, we offer an easy solution for overnight guests with our Kansas City murphy beds!

Customizable Sleeping Solutions From California Closets

Take Comfort To The Next Level With Kansas City Wall Beds

Without space for a spare bedroom, guest sleeping arrangements tend to err on the uncomfortable side. Wall beds Kansas City are the perfect solution to creating a comfortable sleeping arrangement without taking up any space in your home! By simply folding into the wall when not in use, Kansas City murphy beds convert any room into a spare bedroom, but only when you need it!

Any Size, Any Space!

Wall beds Kansas City are completely customizable, meaning they can transform any room into a spare bedroom regardless of size or shape. You don’t have to give up your home office to have a comfortable room for your guests; by using a pull down or pull out mechanism, murphy beds Kansas City hide away when not in use, giving you the freedom to have a workspace by day and a bedroom by night!

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