Wall Beds Juneau

With all the beauty there is to see in Juneau, it should not be a surprise that long-distance relatives and friends are constantly planning their vacation around a visit to see you. After a long day of exploring the great outdoors, showing off your favourite places, and taking in all the culture that Alaska’s capital has to offer, you and your guests are sure to be exhausted and craving a good night’s sleep. Without a guest bedroom, however, finding comfortable and convenient sleeping accommodations can be difficult. California Closets is here to help with wall beds Juneau! Wall beds Juneau are the simple solution to spare sleeping arrangements. By simply folding out of the wall when needed, wall beds Juneau provides a comfortable and easy sleeping solution for both you and your guest.

Wall Beds Juneau For An Easy Solution To Guest Sleeping Accommodations

Appears Like Magic! 

Your guests will be impressed when wall beds Juneau folds out from you wall like magic, to create a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement. By using a simple pull-out or pull-down method, wall beds Juneau are just as easily stored during the day as they are used by night. 

Save Space 

Why use an extra room as a spare bedroom when it could be used for an office, home gym, or media room? With wall beds Juneau, you can have both! Save space in your home by using your extra room as a home office or gym by day and convert it into a spared bedroom by night with wall beds Juneau. 

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