Custom Cabinets Jefferson

Given that we are the leader in custom cabinet making with over thirty years of experience, it’s no surprise that many homeowners have been impressed walking through a California Closets’ show room, or viewing the many gorgeous our Jefferson custom cabinets’ options online. The question they ponder is how will our Jefferson custom cabinets look in their homes. If you’ve ever wondered how custom cabinets designed by California Closets and brought to you by California Closets Jefferson could make your cabinets store more things beautifully, then it’s time to learn more about our Jefferson custom cabinets.

Our Process Ensures Your Delight

When you call California Closets Jefferson and speak to one of our designers, you’ll discover a pragmatic multi-step process that ensures that your Jefferson custom cabinets will look and perform just as you’ve imagined.  The first step is your free, in-home consultation where we learn about what’s not working now and what you want instead. We identify your objectives, assess the amount of storage space you need, and get to understand clearly from you the look and feel desired in your new Jefferson custom cabinets.

See Them Before They’re Made

Next, come the details as we take measurements and together review the plethora of wood, material, color and hardware options that will make up your Jefferson custom cabinets.  This leads to a three dimensional computerized model for you to examine to make sure that we’ve got it right before your Jefferson custom cabinets are made. Finally, your cabinets are made and installed by California Closets Jefferson, often in just one day.

Call Us Today

Want to know more?  Just pick up the phone and speak to a California Closets Jefferson design specialist today and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.