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If you have a growing family, it’s inevitable that your closets will one day be unable to store all the things you accumulate over time.  Whenever that happens, the smart action to take is to call California Closets Jefferson and speak with one of our design specialists about Jefferson closets. 

Jefferson Closets Are Built For You

"California Closest Jefferson is a California Closets franchisee serving Jefferson and the surrounding area.  Our custom made Jefferson closets are specifically designed to accommodate all your closet storage needs, and since they’re made for you, Jefferson closets are built to accentuate the aesthetic qualities of the rest of your home.  If you’re tired of opening your closet doors and then quickly jumping back as stuff comes pouring out of this over burdened space, then it’s time to give your closets a serious face lift with Jefferson closets.

Jefferson Closets Are A Closet “System

California Closets Jefferson does more than simply make your closets more attractive and organized.  We spend time with you in order to understand how your family uses your home, where in the house you use the things you have, and how often.  We design, build and implement a Jefferson closets system where each closet is part of an organized collective that together serve all your closet storage needs. You’ll be amazed at how much more you’ll enjoy your home when the hallway, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom closets are all coordinated, each having exactly what you need when needed."

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We have hundreds of closet storage configurations, colors, materials and hardware options from which to choose, so get a handle on what’s possible by calling a California Closets Jefferson design specialist today for your free, no-obligation consultation.




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