Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Jacksonville

You never want to sacrifice the comfort of your guests for a bit of convenience, but when it comes down to it, air beds have really felt like the only way to somewhat take care of your guests while keeping your spare room versatile. Besides the ever-looming threat of popping, air beds simply don't promise a good night's sleep, and hauling out a spare mattress is no substitute either. Enter wall beds Jacksonville from California Closets--units that fold down from a closet system, bringing with them the guaranteed comfort and ease of use for both yourself and your family and friends.

Murphy Beds Jacksonville Demonstrate Vision

Other Uses

You've set aside your spare room to be a jack-of-all-trades, and without a big bulky mattress figuring into the layout, it can be just that. But when you're in need of a place to offer your guests, having a comfortable option will go a long way towards keeping everybody happy. Wall beds Jacksonville fold up and out of the way when not in use, allowing that spare room to wear multiple hats, either as a workout room, office, or craft space.

Folded Away

When your Murphy beds Jacksonville are up and out of the way, they blend perfectly into one of California Closets' famous closet systems. Equipped with helpful tools that are designed to keep you organized such as shelves, drawers, and cabinets, your wall beds Jacksonville will look fantastic and add a lot of charm to the room when not in use. It would be a stretch to say anything similar about air beds or spare mattresses!

Murphy Beds Jacksonville For A Sensible Addition

Add a perfectly comfortable bed to your home while preserving the versatility of your spare room with wall beds Jacksonville from California Closets. Call today!