Garage Storage Ithaca

The days of having to shimmy in and out of your car are long gone with the implementation of an Ithaca garage storage solution from California Closets. Embrace the potential in your garage with the organizational tools needed to find the space you need to add a work bench or mount your family's bicycles--turning what was formerly known as simply a carefree area for cars and casual storage into a fully functioning multi-purpose room. With a custom garage storage Ithaca unit carefully designed to fit seamlessly with the intricacies of your garage, you'll eliminate the headaches that have become synonymous with storage disorganization and learn to utilize every nook of your space.

A Pragmatic Garage Storage Ithaca Solution

Possibilities Abound

With 30 years of customer service experience, California Closets has built a reputation on their ability to offer unique solutions for unique situations. Your Ithaca garage storage specialist will guide you through the process of implementing a design into your garage that will increase its functionality and usability, and will recommend a number of technical solutions you may have never thought possible--from pulley systems to adjustable hooks.

Outdoor Organization

If you're the outdoor type, you surely have struggled with the hunting that comes during the summer for your various pieces of gear that manage to take cover over the course of the year. With a garage storage Ithaca solution, your unit will feature just the thing to make sure your camping gear doesn't run off when you need it most. Add any combination of shelves, cupboards, or drawers to create the perfect home for your gear during the offseason.

Turn Your Unique Garage Storage Ithaca Vision Into A Reality

Implement the tools you need to bring the full potential of your garage to the surface with a garage storage Ithaca solution from California Closets. Call today for your free in-home design consultation.