Custom Closets Ithaca

From restoring calm and order to enhancing interior décor in your home, a custom closet will add richness to your life. From reworking expansive walk-ins to making that tiny reach-in finally contain itself, California Closets can build the ideal custom closet. Elegant, sturdy designs with pragmatic solutions are the hallmark of California Closets Ithaca, and you do not have to spend a fortune to do it.

Design Solutions for Everyone with Ithaca Custom Closets

California Closets Ithaca has provided customers with unparalleled service for years designed to fit any budget. With one-on-one consultations to address your closet’s unique needs and collaboration so you can maintain creative control, your Ithaca custom closet will reflect you. Here are common goals:

Eliminate the stress

Nobody likes being confronted with a messy closet, especially when rushing to find something. Ithaca custom closets will work with you to design solutions to longstanding problems such as overflowing drawers, misused space and tangled jewelry. Size-specific drawers for bulky sweaters, perfectly angled racks and compartmentalized trays for accessories are all tools to combat clutter and keep everything where you can find it.

Making the most of your space

We’ve seen it all at California Closets. Let us help you find space you didn’t know you had by installing space-saving hooks and shelves in your Ithaca custom closet. Stop storing shoes in piles or consuming rows; get them off the floor and accessible with racks.

A Plan that can Adapt

A custom closet is not static. Expandable shelves and stackable boxes and bins in your Ithaca custom closet make it possible for your wardrobe to increase in size without outgrowing its place. If the urge to do some spring cleaning hits, you can also remove unused drawers or bins find a new way to use the space.

Common problems find simple solutions with California Closets Ithaca custom closets

In an Ithaca custom closet, everything has a place and purpose. Know the tools that keep your closet working for you. Stay ahead of the organization game by scheduling a consultation today.