Closet Systems Ithaca

Winter in upstate New York is a time of hibernation. The intense winters keeps people in their cozy warm homes. As the season changes however, new energies are released and people follow nature’s lead. Planning ahead for the undoubtedly wonderful summer, it makes a lot of sense to invest in some Ithaca closet systems.

Prepare for Summer with Ithaca Closet Systems

Ithaca residents have always relied on California Closets as they gear up for summer adventures. Outdoor activities require many bulky items and as the family multiplies so does the clutter. Making sure not to lose anything in between trips to the lake or to the mountains can be a challenge but effective storage facilities in your home will do wonders.

Making the garage compatible with your hobby is our specialty and Ithaca closet systems are customizable for any activity:

• Mountain bikes are usually messy and always clunky but vertical hangers will keep them out of the way. For those who are mechanically inclined, we can install the perfect tool rack with specialized drawers and hangers. Spare tires, cranks, screwdrivers and Allen wrenches will form a seamless backdrop to your garage.

• If you prefer to go with the flow and stay out of the dirt, your garage can be converted into a perfect storage space for any floating device. Canoes are large and heavy but with the right equipment they can be hung to line the ceiling of your garage and accessories neatly organized into your Ithaca closet system.

Ithaca Closet Systems are Key to a Successful Summer

No matter what your passion, everything from boating to camping involves bulky equipment. A temporary storage solution for the winter has kept the clutter out of sight and out of mind. Ithaca closet systems will make everything easier this time around.