Closet Design Ithaca

The most common issue leading to a disorganized closet is the inefficient use of closet space. A closet design that optimizes the use of space is essential to the effectiveness of a closet. With a smart closet design, organization comes naturally. Ithaca closet design helps you create a closet that is not only practical, but tasteful.

California Closets Makes It Easy

Our experienced closet designers can help you design the perfect closet at every step of the way. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the process.

A main consideration in designing your closet is the size of shelving needed for each closet’s items. With the appropriate sized shelving, you can also incorporate containers for storing different items as well. It is important to also consider the depth of the shelves. Keep in mind the different types of clothes you own and how they might fit differently into your drawers or shelves. Try to utilize all your shelving space to maintain an organized look.

When designing your closet, take advantage of all the options available to you. Ithaca closet design offers a variety of different customizable accessories for many of your needs. We offer hanging solutions such as valet rods, belt racks, tie racks and hooks. We also offer shoe poles and other solutions that will keep your shoes in order. These are only a couple custom solutions that will help keep your wardrobe neat and organized.

Ithaca Closet Design Consultants Are Here to Help

The design consultants at California Closets will help you design a closet that takes all aspects into consideration. Together, you and your consultant will explore an array of options that match your personality and taste. We will help you achieve your goals for your space and create a closet design that fits your home and your lifestyle.