Essential Irving Pantry Organization

In the majority of Irving homes the pantry is the most frequently used storage space. No matter if you live on your own, with a few room mates, or in a family home bursting with kids, every member of your household will likely visit the pantry several times a day. The pantry space in many Irving homes is often strange shaped. It can be long, thin, deep, curved, and depending on the size of you home they might often be located in unconventional areas like under a staircase. Pantry organization is easier than you might think for such a busy space. It is really just a matter of determining the areas that are your 'prime real estate' (i.e the areas that are most open and accessible) and storing your most popular items in those places; then working organically out from there so the items you use least are placed up high or in a less accessible spot. California Closets Irving have an excellent range of pantry organization products and storage solutions. They can even customize a pantry to fit any space and to store any number of items.

Pantry Tips From Our Experts

To help get you started on your pantry tranformation, here are some pantry organization tips from the exeprts at California Closets Irving. Drop by anytime and let them take you through these tips (and many more) in person at your local store.

1. Group Like-Items together.

Visibility is key to any storage space in your home and grouping like-items together helps visibility in your pantry. You might not see the exact item you are looking for but if you can see the like-items that are similar it will steer you in the right direciton. Some common groups of like-items you will find in any Irving pantry are snacks, breakfast items, condiments, candy items, spices, seasoning, cooking oil, and baking goods.

2. Create Zones.

Extending from tip 1. Create zones based on the items you use most and those that are only occasional. For your needs and the needs of your household what is the most logical place to for the different zones (ie most popular items like breakfast cereal and snacks should be close at hand and easily accesible, less popular items like vases and ornaments should be stored in a space you don't need access to everyday).

3. Use containers.

Containers can help to establish zones and keep your like-items together. You might have airtight containers for your snack zone; mason jars in baskets or small bins for a baking zone; cereal containers for a breakfast zone.

California Closets Irving has a wide range of storage solutions to fit any home pantry. You can even have one of the in-store designers create a custom pantry for your kitchen. Stop by today and see the many pantry organization options available today. We look forward to seeing you soon!