Great Relaxation With An Irving Entertainment Center

People in Irving throw the best parties! In most Irving homes the entertainment center is the central feature of the living room - and the focus point of many a wonderful party. You want your entertainment center to be be visible and easily accessible from all points in the room. But you don't use your entertainment center all the time, so you also want it to be discrete enough so as not to dominate a room. Also your entertainment items are valuable, so you want them to be safe and secure. California Closets Irving has an amazing range of entertainment center storage solutions. The in-store design team can customize entertainment center storage to fit any variety of entertainment items and in any space. Drop in today and be inspired!

A Few Tips For Good Storage

Good entertainment center storage is actually very simple if you follow some fundamental rules. Here are some tips from California Closets Irving to help you create functional and effective entertainment center storage in your Irving home.

1) The best way to optimize space in your living room is to mount your tv on the wall. It creates excellent visibility and saves floor space. If possible get a professional to install an outlet behind the screen (it is against the law to run an electrical cord through the wall). If that isn't an option, consider an entertainment unit that has pre-drilled holes so the cords can be run behind it to achieve the floating TV affect.

2) Hide the wires. The back of many Irving entertainment centers is a mess of wires and cords. Use zip bags and ties to keep your wires neat and tidy. If you have surround sound speakers, running the cords under an area rug can make all the difference.

3) Even if you don't mount your tv on the wall - you can still utilize vertical space. Consider an entertainment center with shelving above and below the screen. Wooden cabinetry is a nice way to incorporate modern technology into a more traditional setting.

4) Add shelves and sliding doors. A sliding door is perfect for hiding items you don't need to see like the cable box or the receiver, giving your entertaiment center a clean and appealing look. Most new devices have infrared sensors which makes keeping devices behind closed doors that much easier.

5) Consider custom entertainment center storage solutions from California Closets Irving. Custom entertainment center storage is made to your exact specifications, to fit any room and house any number of entertainment items. Stop in today and check out the many ways you can make your entertainment center the talking point of every great Irving party!