Custom Closets Irving

Everybody has a different way of stashing their personal belongings; whether your vice is shoving all those seasonal items into a box in the garage, or in a pile in the back of your closet, California Closets Irving is here to help you take the next step toward building closets that suit your needs.

Find the Custom Closets in Irving That Are Right For You

Storage solutions shouldn’t be temporary and unsightly.  Boxes are an easy way to store items in your home garage or office, but can you ever find what you’re looking for? Our custom closets are designed to work for each individuals needs. That means our design solutions can be as simple or as intricate as you need them to be.

We can take care of the logistics by building the walls and shelves for your custom closet and you fill in the rest. Add your personal polish by choosing from a variety of styles and finishes to make your custom closets a right fit for you. You might be the kind of Dallas gal that prefers a classy chic look to a modern finish. Allow your custom closet to glow with your individual flare.

Storage spaces can be tricky, that’s why our custom closets are made to order. Since every room has its quirks, our design team will first come out to your home to analyze each space to create the perfect fit. Often, closet space goes unused because it is hard to reach or has an odd angle. We’ll make sure to maximize every nook and cranny in your new custom closet in a simple and efficient way.

Best Irving Custom Closets

There’s no other closet company out there that takes care of your needs like we do.  California Closets strives to create the perfect custom closets combining form and function in the best way possible. Call now for a free in-home design consultation!