Interior Decorating That Will Last For Years To Come

At California Closets, we're all for the latest in interior decorating trends and fashion. But we're also big believers in classic patterns, textures, and designs that will last you for years to come -- long after the trends die out. With so many interior decorating styles to choose from, how do you tell the difference between trends that will last and those that will quickly fade with the next new thing?


One way to tell the difference is to look at past interior decorating trends of the past few decades that have been marked as big mistakes -- hopefully never to return!

  • Clear shower curtains. When was that ever a good idea?
  • Thick, dark carpeting from the seventies. Come to think of it, the 70s were full of interior decorating trends that (thankfully) died. Remember the obsession with wood paneling and dark cabinets? What about those enormous flourescent light fixtures, conspicious track lighting, and huge, globular light fixtures?
  • Too many personal pictures. This was acceptable -- and probably desirable -- in the Victorian era, but now the thought of so many eyes staring at you is a little disturbing. Keep it simple with a single theme and a few framed photographs.
  • The overly ""modern"" 80s style interior decorating style, with boring monotones and sleek lines that are not balanced with a bit of shapeliness and color.
  • Having said that, another mistake would be too many contrasting (or too matching) patterns. You'll overwhelm both yourself and your guests with visual stimulation.


Just like clothing fashion, interior decorating moves through cycles. Even if you think you might have made an overly trendy choice, there's a good chance the fashion will come back! Hopefully it's a wall color that you can cover up, or a small item that you can hide away until it comes back in fashion.

If you don't have faith that it will, there's always goodwill. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure...

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